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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Dear fellow homoeopaths and inspiring students of homoeopathy,

This website is created as a subsidiary to my main website When I planned to begin a website for my clinic, the thought of my hardships when i began homoeopathic practice came into my mind.It was then I thought of creating a website solely for the upcoming homoeopathic practitioners. I do admit that it is very difficult to practice classical homoeopathy(ie; homoeopathy based on the basic principles) espescially when you begin practice immediately after you have obtained the B.H.M.S degree. There may be many a malicious forces which might compel you to drift away from classical homoeopathy. But always bear in mind that once you have drifted away it is very difficult to come back. Moreover, you will find that even though you might find it difficult in the beginnning, only by following this path you can become an eminent homoeopath. Only by this way you can experience the magic of the tiny pills.

The clinical tips which I intend to convey through this site should be considered as thoughts which might click a spark in your brain. I do plead to my fellow homoeopaths not to cling on to these as a hard fast rule. Let these tips help to formulate your own views in a better way. I think that this should be the rule in homoeopathy. What I understood from my practice is that we should never blindly adopt things the way it is. We should consider them and form our own image considering the particular patient into view.That is the way it should be!

Another purpose of this site is that it will become a venue for exchanging views between practitioners.Any practitioner or student who has some difficulty in a particular case can always resort to this site for getting them sorted out.They can have an entry created in the particular post meant for this purpose. They should also mention their e-mail addresses and they will be intimated the time and the manner by which their problem will be discussed.Any student is free to contact me by e-mail, by phone or by person in case of any difficulties.SO, DEAR FRIENDS, THIS IS YOUR VENUE. MAKE USE OF IT FOR THE BETTERMENT OF HOMOEOPATHY AND MANKIND.

Friday, July 16, 2004

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